Plastering on my Happy Face

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Today, I walk out to mop the kitchen floor (this being 6:40 am) and Conner’s all chipper asking me 5 million questions. I don’t drink coffee but I do need a few moments to blink my eyes (which were really dry today, they kept kid of bending backwards when I was blinking) before I can deal with full-on life. I also get-up early to sweep and mop so I don’t have to deal with children while I’m doing it. Then, Conner gets his clothes on (after me begging) and I see a hole the size of his head in his pants. I’m just uber frustrated, adn i’ve only been-up less than 20 minutes.
So, I continue with the morning, most of it going along the same vein, Conner bursting into tears a few times… me wanting to do the same.
Then, I hear my dang mom’s voice in the background saying that you don’t want them leaving home frustrated and mad, because that will carry into their school work.
So, on the way to school we sing, and talk and raise our hands if we’re gonna have a GREAT day at school today (both kids are REALLY into the whole “Raise your hand if you’re ________!!!”
Anyway, we drop him off on a high note, and I realize that my attitude has everything to do with my family. So, here’s my happy face and I’m gonna try and keep it on…

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  1. says

    if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy…

    it’s so true… and I don’t think it just goes for mom’s… i think it’s true of women. Women set the tone in the home… that’s not fair that we have to carry that burden all the time but unfortunately it’s true.

    sounds like you are doing a great job though… keep it up!

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