Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Day For Dads

HAPPY FATHERS DAY everyone! I have a little blog story to go along with the event (as always!).
Last night I worked post partum. I had a patient, she was 23, and had a baby and the father of the baby was not involved. She was really cute, had a TON of cute clothes for this new babe and she and I grew to be fast friends on my few visits into her room (I also transferred a baby into the NICU -- so it truly was a few visits). Anyway, I asked her if him not being involved was something that she wanted a Social Services consult for (normaly this situation would require one, but she seemed to have a lot of support and was older than most of our social service-needing-moms). She was like, "No!" Why would that be a problem, just because the father's not involved."
And in a moment there, I just felt sad. To think there was no reason to have a dad.
I mean, my dad's my rock. He's there to give me financial advice, he was there to say yes when my mom said no. He's a rockstar. Drew has a totally different way with our boys. He's the one that tosses them up in the air, he's the one that plays hide and go seek. He's the one. Not me.
Anyway, I'm grateful to have grown-up with my dad and to have a great father for my own kids. Made me feel a tad more appreciative knowing I was so blessed. So, dad's out there -- take a bow. You're mucho needed.


  1. All I can say is "AMEN!"

  2. When I was having maya there were 4 women there at the same time. I was the only one with a father present. One girls boyfriend did show up once and awhile. Truly sad.


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