Thursday, June 08, 2006

Screaming insues...

Did I tell you guys that I'm reading "Siblings Without Rivalry" I got it on a suggestion from a good friend. Not that she knew my kids needed it (which, they do) but that it was a good book. Anyway, it's been really great. I recommend it, and I'm only on like chapter 4. Anyway... we're in the car picking up Conner from school and we're like 1/2 way home. They're both screaming, Spencer screaming louder than Conner. At the red light, I turn around ask ask WHAT is going on. This is Conner's answer:
"He wants my blood."
And there you go folks... Spencer wants Conner's blood. At least we're all out in the open with it. :)
As a sidenote... Conner had a scab and I guess Spencer wanted to touch it... who knows!!!!


  1. k, that's just hilarious!

    But the explanation is PERFECTLY logical. Love it.

  2. at least your kids have a good explanation. Mine are just, "K was looking at me!" or something like that. I have to really concentrate on not letting myself get into the screaming match as well. Yeah, just call me one of hte kids!!

  3. so hilarious....with two boys of my own (well three really) I've had these exact moments! Sounds like a book I'd like, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I know you like people to comment so you know who is checking your blog. It's me Carly and I am checking the blog from work in Palo Alto. Love reading the blog!

  5. LOL! Little kids make me laugh.

  6. I am definately going to have to read up on this. Rarely are my kids not fighting.


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