A Big Meeting

So, I met my friend Lara for the first time today. I always feel so odd (ok, this being the second time) meeting someone that I have only talked to online.
Lara and I have chatted for over a year now. She has girls, I have boys, of similar ages. She’s pregnant (I am not). She grew-up in Orem, but married a guy I went to HS with. She knows more gossip from my chidhood community than I do. We’ve written similar blog entries at similar times. We are, what Anne Shirley would call, Kindred Spirits.
Today, we met at Brick Oven (please pause for a moment of silence, I love how that restaurant never changes — still the same crazy crab salad on their salad bar that they’ve had since I was 4, begging my dad to let me get the salad bar). Lara and I both upgraded for the salad bar. We went through on opposite ends. I look-up and our salad plates are entirely the same. They stayed the same til’ I got the fancy green Brick oven ranch, and LAra stuck with my personal standby of Blue Cheese.
What are the chances that Lara and I will meet again? Slim. Well… they’re plausible. I guess. She lives in AZ, and plans to move ASAP after she kicks her little fetus out to live in the real world. I currently live in CA… and only come home to UT every 2 years or so.
But seriously, meeting… chatting. It wasn’t a bit awkward… amazing how sometimes people connect.

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