Monday, August 14, 2006

Remember that Time At Band Camp?

Friday officially started my days of widowhood... but it wasn't as severe because I knew the next day was Saturday and I could have a nice list of chores for Drew to do (none of which, got done).
Today is the first day of the week-long band camp. It's one of the longest weeks of my personal year. Drew's gone from 8-5:30 (more like 6... but he'll never admit it) and then he comes home and stews about band or lays on the couch/bed for the rest of the night. Sometimes they have meetings, which are completely useless.
I think back to my days in band camp. In HS there was excitement of being in charge, of being amongst the best, of seeing good friends from other schools who were also band freaks. I seem to remember loving band camp -- not sure why. I know it often hit 100 degrees as we sweated out on the field. I had several kids who totally disrespected me, but my best friends were in band, and I was able to spend a whole week with those friends.
In college band camp SUCKED. I am SO bad at memorizing music and we had about a song a day to memorize -- which took me forever!!!! HOWEVER, in college came the excitement of what boys would be coming to band fresh of missions and ready to date a cute piccolo player. I made so many great friends in band. My freshman year, I remember it was so nice to already have a friend base of almost 200 as I walked around campus as the new kid on the block. I remember my roommates thinking I had SO many friends already, being jealous (part of that coming from the fact I'm FROM Provo... and a good part of my high school went to BYU).
Anyway, I know what Drew is doing is building memories for these kids. I know he is helping some become leaders, some become confident, and some just getting a few new friends. Needless to say, I'd rather have him here setting up a set of hooks in the boy's room... but I digress...
P.S. Still no accidents for Mr. Spencer, but he won't go in potties except at our house -- he's holding it, but it's just another hurdle to cross. Anyone have bright ideas on this?

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  1. Chloe did that too...she held it once for 8 hours at my MIL's house. But she didn't have an accident. She got over it after a few weeks.


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