Happy Birthday Mommy Dearest!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

My mom’s birthday is on Christmas, and although I am always sure to make sure that she gets TWO presents from us, I doubt that it gets the hoopla that it deserves.

My mom’s the best. She comes out twice a year, and spends a week or more with me and the kids. I was thinking the other day what it must’ve been like to have me move to a new city that she knew nothing about. I remember they were all set to come back then, and then 9/11 hit and she couldn’t fly. They had to wait a month or so to wait til’ the whole thing passed to come out. Anyway, I’m sure it was difficult. She’s a trooper.
Now, my dad has had his little “accident” she is playing nurse with him. She had to miss Christmas with my super-cute family and has had a great attitude, although I know she wishes she could be here.
I love you mommy, you’ve made me half of who I am. :)
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