Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Business Idea: No-Cheat-Car-Fixers

Seriously, I am always so skeptical when we take our car to get fixed. We took the Forrester in about 18 months ago to get its Bearings fixed, 600 bucks later, we walked-out with "fixed" bearings (I didn't notice a difference, but Drew says he did). Bearings are dead again and they have our car overnight to fix it.
Makes me want to scream. I mean, do most bearings have to get fixed that often?
Did they just drop me off the dumb truck?
Probably they did, as far as cars are concerned.
Anyway, it'd be nice to have someone dealing with us honestly instead of what we currently are getting (well, your gurantee was only 12 months... sorry).
Perhaps O'Connor is desperate for nurses......

1 comment:

  1. Don't tell me you went back to the same people...

    Some of them are honest. We've had great luck with Sears...they are more expensive but I always feel like they are honest with us.


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