Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Opposing Midas

You know how everything that Midas touched turned to gold. Of course, it ended-up being bad in the end, but in the beginning it was FANTASTIC.
Well, I had the opposite effect last night at work. I really felt that everywhere I went I reeked chaos and craziness. I was in 3 deliveries and all 3 were inSANE... couldn't believe it. One footling breech, one a doctor missed and the residents delivered and one everyone missed and I delivered all the while asking the lay midwives to step out of the way (long story -- needless to say, lay midwives have no place in a hospital -- if you plan on having lay midwives please don't bring them and expect them to deliver your baby) (please.).
So, it just started to get to me after a while. I was so tired of all the craziness.... plus I'd wanted to go home early. Do you ever feel that way in your life -- that you're the crazy toddler who's putting your world off wack?
In retrospect a nurse should never want to go home early.
It pretty-much screws-up the night for everyone.


  1. Do I ever feel that way in my life???? Um, most everyday. I guess there are those rare days where things seem to cruise along as they should, but mostly it's craziness. Today is a day I just didn't want to face.....what are ya going to do??? Nothing to do but get up and face it.

  2. Yes, I often feel that way.

    Hate those days where nothing seems to go right...which, unfortunately, is most of them. ;)

  3. Yesterday I mopped all 500+ sq feet of pergo then I shook up a bottle of salsa with the lid a little loose...salsa all over the floor all over me the cupboards and stove. I AM the toddler.

  4. Maybe instead of you being the bad luck charm - you were the to be the good luck charm to help the situation end better than it might have. It sounds like you were especially for where you did the delivery yourself. So I'd say you deserve a pat on the back or far more.


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