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Do you ever forget that you and your husband are a team?
I do.
Drew and I are completely independent this week. He’s had a lot of basketball games, I’ve been home all the time and I have an insanely busy weekend. It just feels like he’s working on his stuff and I’m doing myself and the kids (and 5 million other things).
We aren’t in the trenches working together.
Don’t get me wrong, we each have our own trench. Drew’s super busy at school and while I appreciate that am always wondering if my trench will get dug in time, and since my trench involves things he is also responsible for, I think we can all see my quandry.
I wish there was a magic pill we could take to pull us together, to make the teamwork happen. Perhaps that magic pill will be this weekend.
Perhaps I’ll go on strike and quit digging.
Of course, I need Drew to keep digging because I have a level to which I have beome accustomed to, and that can’t happen unless he keeps digging. I appreciate his digging, and perhaps that’s what I need to do — climb out of my own trench to do a little cheer for Drew and then back down I go….
Of course, if I stop digging the only thing that would happen is the cake doesn’t get frosted (gasp), presents don’t get wrapped, house turns into a pile of rubble (did anyone see Oprah the other day?), dinner doesn’t get made, groceries don’t get bought, children aren’t happy….
Keep on keepin’ on peeps.
P.S. Spencer’s birthday is tomorrow. Whenever he’s ornry lately he says, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” And when I say it’s tomrrow, he starts to cry like I’ve crashed his whole world in. My last day with a 2 year old. I’m so very sad. Perhaps I’ll carve my trench in the shape of a #3.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Did you write that for me? Because I know you know that’s what I needed to hear. I love the trench idea, too. I think I need to do a little more of the cheering for my husband and get back to working on my trench. The fact is that we need each other to do what we do or our family would fail. As long as we don’t slack off, or try to see who’s digging faster or better, we’ll be okay.-Cindy

  2. says

    Great analogy about the trenches.

    I know that I recently decided that I can’t begrudge Joel all of the things he has to do that take him away from the home. Sometimes it’s tough (okay, most of the time) without him here to help but I try to keep in mind the different roles we have in the Proclamation.

    That said, it’s much nicer when he’s here digging with me a little more often.

  3. says

    Wow the trench digging – good analogy! Well my advice would be is to calla truce and go out on a date, reconnect and have fun together. That will help keep the troops (the kids) happy when they see their parents love and like each other and maybe the other stuff will be less annoying.

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