Interesting Thoughts on Funerals and Dressing the Dead

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Well, first off — dressing the dead, especially when she’s your grandma — not so bad. In fact, it was really like dressing a manikin. I was expecting her to be leaking fluids and it to be on the verge of pretty-dang gross. But, it’s totally not, and I actually recommend it. It’s a sweet thing to do to someone who is close to you.
Today was the funeral. A pretty dang good one too, if you ask me (and you didn’t, I’m fully aware). This particular family has had far too many funerals in my lifetime. I’ve had 2 uncles who died too early… one in a plane crash and one in his sleep. Luckily, I am vaguely able to remember most of my mom’s extended family (like her cousins, etc.) and act like I have a clue what’s going on. It was a beautiful service, I know my grandma would’ve loved it, and that’s all that matters. Frankly, I’m pretty happy to have that particular part of my stay over with. I was, however, so happy to see all my cousins (minus one — and I’ll have words for her later-on). I am not as close to the cousins on my dad’s side but the ones on my mom’s side I have always known well, and the ones that are near my age, I had a good time with in college. Anyway, it was nice to get to see them all. It’s most especially nice to remember I have extended family like that. It’s not something I get to see/do in California, I wish they’d come visit.

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    I came to visit, thank you very much. I wish you hadn’t moved away, and that we could have still been hanging out all this time. But such is life. It’s nice to see you again, too.

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    I’m sorry for your loss, but glad the funeral was beautiful and that you enjoyed the opportunity to dress your grandma. Funerals are great in that you get to remember all the best things about those you love and see people that loved her as well.

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