Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Thoughts on The Mormons

Did anyone watch the documentary on the Mormons? I did. I watched all 4 hours on Friday night (Drew was at some orchestra thing). Frankly, the first half, was fairly creepy... and the 2nd half was all that I figured it would be.
Personally, I thought it was fairly even-handed. I mean, sure they got some things wrong (like the woman saying the pioneers lived amongst red rock and must've thought they were in hell already). But, I think they were fairly positive on other ends. Our church has a past, like most other churches. I obviously wish they wouldn't have spent so much time on the Mountain Meadow's massacre. It's just part of our past (and frankly, I'd like to leave it there). I really appreciated how it showed we are a tight-knit bunch, because that's true.
Honestly, the only thing I can tell people who aren't LDS is the fact that this church brings every good thing in my life. There isn't a priciple that I have lived which has brought sorrow to us. Every single one has brought joy. That's not to say that there's not sorrow along the way, but all of the things that the church asks of its member I receive many more blessings from. And honestly, that is a great deal of why I know it's true. I don't think it's true, I don't hope it's true... I know it. And, once you know it, all the other little things do seem to fall into the past.
Does anyone have comments, questions about the movie?


  1. I just came away from it deciding I'm tired of listening to other people discuss MY religion. Religion and faith are an intensely personal thing. Others opinion- especially those who have never stepped into an LDS building, or members who have lost the influence of the Holy Ghost- won't effect my resolve to live my religion. I liked listening to the prophet on 60 minutes years ago and my viewing will probably be limited to similar broadcasts from now on.

  2. I didn't watch all of it, but I did think it was very fair. I thought they spent way too much time on polygamy and the massacre.

    I read that KUED got tons and tons of letters regarding the documentary, that most of them were negative, and that most of the negative letters felt that it painted Mormons in too good of a light.

    Weird, eh? I too am sick of people telling me what I believe when they really have no idea.

    Loved Elder Jensen's words.


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