Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Tonight was Conner's "Classroom Celebration" -- first they had a little ceremony to honor all the PTA volunteers. I really felt bad that I don't volunteer more, but I realize that this season is to stay home with Spencer more, spend the time I have with him (along with volunteering a bit in Conner's classroom). You just do what you can.

Then, it was off to Conner's classroom. You know, I haven't said enough nice stuff about his teacher this year. She is honestly perfect for him. Conner turned into a little Mrs. Ross last year. He spouted everything she said, he did just whe she told him to do. He was a Kindergarten robot, but boy has he changed this year. He is thinking on his own, making his own decisions, taking himself where he wants to go, with correct guidance, of course. It's amazing to see a teacher who loves her job SO much. She was talking about how hard it is to graduate kids every year from her class, and it's just nice to see a teacher take my kids as hard as I do. I mean, you might remember last year how SAD I was to be leaving kindergarten. Anyway, I can mumble on about her more towards the end of the year, but I love Miss Dodson and she was the absolute perfect teacher for Conner this year. He'll be looping with her next year along with the other 1st graders in his class. It's very fun to have someone who cares about your child so much. It's truly one of the biggest blessings in my life.

It's so funny, as summer starts to edge-up on us. I get so sad. My shows have season finales, it's a time for our family to spend lots and lots of time together, but it's out of our normal routine. I enjoy summer, it's a time for me to get out, pretend like I'm a career woman for about 4 weeks. But, it does seem like the year should start and end in September doesn't it? Anyway, I think it's the season finales of the shows. We'll have finales of school and then we're all "off" for a bit. Well, as off as you can be with 2 little boys.


  1. My thoughts on teh finales as well. How funny that I have been feeling a little sadness that my routine of shows is coming to an end (my nightlife runs around what is on tv.) but it also means that Brandon will be done with yet another quarter at school and Summer is really here.

  2. Sunrise, Sunset....

    I actually cried today when I picked C up from her last day of preschool. It's just weird to me that my kids are growing up so fast.


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