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So, just lately I’m thinking Conner’s 7…. it’s time he was turning into a bigger boy… right?
We have an issue.
The kid can NOT deal with pain. A little bonk on the head sends him into a headspin. Full on tears, runny nosed, crying. Screaming to go along with it (kind of the cherry on top).
Now, I know he’s doing this for attention, and I’m trying to give attention in the positive ways and not to this particular type of begging for attention… but do you guys have this problem? How have you delt with it?
I mean, I can’t tolerate it any more. You’d think I pulled his eyes out with my bare hand instead of him tripping over a step.

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    I think its a trend with the oldest child. Everything is a tragedy with Maddie. She is so dramatic! I am actually relieved to hear that Conner is that way, so maybe I am not a horrible mother after all. As for dealing with it…I have tried getting mad and frustrated which of course doesn’t work, but positive is always the way to go. Makes the “tragegy” over more quickly!

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    Bria’s the same way. I think it’s a mixture between being the oldest child and the fact that she really does have a much lower tolerance for pain than, say, I do. Or Chloe. Joel’s about the same as Bria…seriously.

    But, good news, she’s getting much better. It no longer takes 14 nurses to hold her down to get a shot.

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    Or, it could just be a seven year old thing! Kenton has been on this major crying fit throwing spell lately about EVERYTHING! The whining, the bawling, the temper fits. . .ohhhh, it’s fun to be a mom sometimes!

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