The Giants of San Jose

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Last night, Drew’s trombone group performed at the San Jose Giants. We got some comp tickets and it was pretty dang fun!
The San Jose Giants, I guess, are a feeder group to the rael giants in San Fransisco. The stadium’s pretty small but the fun was big. Way better then the A’s game we went to, just because it was so small, the kids could see what was going on better. It was a close game too, so they really got into cheering and figuring out what was going on (as well as constantly looking for the Mascot, that Spencer was deathly afraid of — but was obsessed with).
Then, they had fireworks after. They light the fireworks off just behind the stadium in the parking lot that our car was parked in. It was SO LOUD, and I was AMAZED by the fact there were fireman just running around with torches to light them off. We’d left right after the game, planning to just watch the fireworks from our car (Spencer freaked-out with all the noise so that ended-up being a very smart move) but instead we got to see them light them… and feel each “BOOM” in our hearts. It was really amazing. I didn’t know that there were people who still lit fireworks, I thought they were all done by computer… but it definitely gave Conner the idea of how very dangerous fireworks could be as you saw them whizzing out of the cannisters right after the people lit them. And it’s nice to know that now Conner’s no longer afraid of fireworks, and now we have a new little friend who is.
Feel the joy.

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  1. says

    Jealous of your garden!!!

    Ours has just started really growing – we had a late start this summer. Nothing yet but a lot of leaves. . .

    We swore off zucchini last summer when each of our 3 plants produced about 8 million zucchini each!!! We only have cucumbers, pumpkins, and green beans this year – well, and a couple of transplanted raspberry bushes that are looking a little traumatized!

    I love when DADS get to spend the “mom” time with the kids. They sure appreciate us more!

    Sounds like a fun, fun game and fireworks evening for your family. And bonus that Conner got to see just how dangerous the fireworks can be!

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