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Yesterday we turned-in our summer reading program sheets. The kids both met their goal of 20 books read (weird that we can turn them in this early — since school doesn’t start for almost another month — unless you’re the marching band director). They were both very proud, especially Conner who was only able to write down books that he himself read, instead of me reading to them (self-imposed rule).
As we were leaving (they each got to pick out a new book, as well as a family book because Drew and I had participated) the librarian said,
“Conner is such a good reader, and you guys are great examples. I remember Conner as a little baby coming to the book mobile.”
That’s right peeps, the librarian knows Conner.
We live in a fairly large town, lots of kids come to that library, but she remembers Conner because we used to live all-ghetto and walk to the book mobile.
Anyway, a little compliment that made me feel all warm inside… and frankly, you’ve gotta take the compliements where they come.
ETA: Just wanted to mention that the book mobile itself isn’t ghetto, but it does only stop in the poorer areas of the city — we used to live in the ghetto… and no we live 5 minutes away. :)

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    20 books was all? We had to read for 15 HOURS!! Got ours turned in today, however, and the coupons and free books were fabuloso, so we’re glad we dug in and participated! Even Tanner got a free book, for the same reason as your “family book”…librarians are so nice….most of them….I’ve had run-ins with the “upety” type, but I digress! Enjoy the rest of summer!

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