The Same but Different

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First off, ABC school was very fun. The anticipation of how very bad it could be always is worse then what really happens. I was able to cut out coupons while they played. All was well in the land of E. :)
Secondly, Sister Beck’s talk seems to have sparked some controversy out in the land of Mormon-dom. A lot of women felt very inadequate by her talk which I thought amusing since we heard the same sediments just a week before (was it Sister Beck that said them, or President Monson, I can’t remember) at the General RS meeting. I found it to be a call to arms. A reminder that we SHOULD be the BEST — to keep trying, striving and working to make it the best family it could be. Many other women felt like theirs never was going to be the best, so why try.
Interesting images. A cheerleader saying GO, GO, GO — does the football team member put on the steam and give it his all, or does he give-up thinking he’ll never be good enough?
Of course, on the appropriate day her talk could’ve reduced me to tears in the same direction as those women who felt inadequate. Some days I lose my temper, some days I want to kill my husband, some days I just want a time-out (of course, the time out would be equal to my age in minutes — right?).
Anyway, I think her talk will be my personal cheerleading mantra. I can be the best — at least the best mom these kids are ever going to have. I can help at school, I can be more cheerful, I can do more playing with my wee ones. I can do all of that. And perhaps with her cheering me in the background I will do at least some of it.
On a sidenote, who loves that she has normal hair? Seems like RS presidents always have such high, teased hair …. it was nice to get someone who you could picture yourself friends with. Not that I don’t love all my friends who tease and aqua-net their hair a few inches above their scalp… but, you know. :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree about Sister B’s hair and her talk. I felt empowered by her words, like I DID have the tools to be the best. But on an off day I too could have felt overwhelmed. I could use a time-out equal to my age in minutes (just enough for a nap).

  2. says

    You know, it’s silly. I remember sitting there and thinking, wow, this one is a lot like last week (Sis. Beck’s talk). However, last week I felt encouraged and ready to try harder, and this week I feel discouraged and like I’m doing near enough. How weird is that?! Oh well, pushing on!

  3. says

    Why do people take things so personally?? Why can’t they just take her talk as good advice, apply it to their lives as they see fit, and move on with their lives?!? People just bug me sometimes. Life is too short to get all up in a hissy fit about everything.

  4. says

    Hi Hilary!
    I adored Sister Beck’s talk. I’ve listened to it twice since conference, and am seriously considering listening to it every morning for the rest of… a while. I really took it as permission to cut back and try to figure out which parts of motherhood are really divine and which are just pressures put on us by the world. She really cut through to what the important elements are, which I guess could bug if those weren’t the elements you personally were emphasizing. But I LOVE that she didn’t say our houses should be spotless, just that we should try to have a house of order.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, I’ve been enjoying your blog!

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