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I’m teaching ABC School today. I always approach this with a great amount of angst. We had SO many kids in Conner’s group that it was truly a very painful experience for me. I don’t deal well with virutal chaos. ANYWAY, it’s the letter E too — which makes me nervous. I’m tired of being the vowel gal. :) Luckily, I have an elephant costume waiting in the wings. :) For the kids, of course.
Anyway, last night I aws writing down everything that I wanted to do and I told S that it was at our house tomorrow and his little face just lit up and he screamed “YAY!!!!”
And then it hit me. All these things we do for our kids. I mean, there’s no way you’d have found me teaching kids letters of the alphabet before we had kids… but I do it now, so willingly because I know he loves it.
So, off to find a book about an elephant, darn that we returned Elmer the Elephant just last week but I’m sure there must be something else around here. Go me.
Oh, and we’re feeding the missionaries tonight — kids love that, and some day they’ll be on missions of their own… again didn’t do it EVER before i had kids (of course, I lived in UT back then).

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I did a cool thing when I had “E”. I also happened to have “5” so we used our 5 fingers to make upside down handprints in grey. We then transformed the thumb of the hand into the trunk of an elephant. Get my drift? The kids loved this.

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    We just started an ABC preschool co-op here too and I’m a bit nervous about teaching next week. I think you’ll do great though. Any time you post a FHE idea I’m amazed, so E will be a cinch for you I’m sure.

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