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I have a hatred. Oh yes I do. I HATE it when people say there isn’t a Santa. I even hate it when kids say it. It’s not something my children will ever be told, and it’s not something I believe myself, and here’s why.

Santa is a representation of Christ in our house. I know, go on and on all you want about how something so commercial can’t be a representation of the Savior himself, but Santa is something that kids get. We also revere the Savior himself and I don’t make any notion that they are the same person or on the same level — but simply that they are similar. Child A, if he believes in Santa and he is a good little child — he will get presents. Also because Santa is getting him something he finds the good will in his heart to go out and buy/make presents for the rest of his family. He can believe in Santa, he can go visit him, we can have statuettes in the likeness of Santa throughout our home without seeming weird or disrespectful. I think it’s hard for a child to understand who Christ is. He was a man who lived a long time ago and did so many good things, he was an amazing man (and then sometimes mom gets choked-up when talking about this man — that’s kinda weird).

As we grow we realize that Christ loves us. He knows each one of us, he knows what we’ve done, he knows what we’re capable of and we know that he has showered us with more gifts then Santa and the elves could ever fit in the sleigh. We slowly build a true relationship with Christ, and although we’re not sitting in his lap we are able to talk to him, tell him our needs and then he goes to his life workshop and gives us what he thinks is best for us.

Also, in the name of Santa so many good deeds are done. I am always amazed at the charity that comes-out at this time of year. No one wants to see people (children, most especially) go without some love from Santa. Santa most definitely brings out the best in people.

So, when Conner comes to me with a realization that Santa is not real. I simply remind him that those that do not believe will not get presents from Santa. For, the faith is required for him to give us the things we desire. The simple idea that not believing could make it so he doesn’t get Santa presents (of course he’d still get stuff from us and our family, but I’m not sure he knows that) makes him re-think his little plan. I also remind him that Santa has several helpers and that most of santas we see each season are just helpers, and they do a good job at making people feel happy and carrying their wishes back to the big man himself.

And that my friends, is why even at the ripe old age of 31 I STILL believe in Santa.
And I always will.

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    Funny-I was just talking to my grown up friend “M” and we both were saying the same thing. If you don’t believe Santa won’t come.

    My grandson JRay told me earlier this month that he doesn’t believe in Santa. I was crushed. We talked about what we believe in our heart and the spirit of Christmas. Well…Santa sent our 3 grandsons a personal letter yesterday. Even in a RED mailing tube. I asked my son what the kids thought of the letter. He said that big brother “J” was starting to really believe that there is a Santa after all.

    I love you thoughts comparing Santa and Christ. It comes down to faith and believing.We haven’t seen Christ but in our hearts we believe in him. We have the scriptures to learn of this great man. Because of his teachings each of us can now serve and help on another. Thank you for Sharing….I’ll be listening for the bells on Christmas Eve. Do you know the website that tracks Santa? Someone sent me the site last year. It’s fun to watch!

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    Great points. So Conner has already come up with there’s no such thing as Santa? Luckily Bria is a huge believer, although we’ve told her that the Santas at the mall are just his helpers because she found it impossible to believe that he could be so many places at one time.

    But I love the things you say, and I agree. It is so sad when people don’t believe…I have a friend who never taught her kids to believe. She just told them he’s a big lie to make commercialism for Christmas bigger. I’m sad for her kids to not have that joy.

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    Amen, Amen, Amen-Amen-Amen, AMEN! You said it SO perfectly, I LOVE it! Totally agree with everything you wrote….totally hate when anyone says that Santa isn’t real…. great post!

    Merry Christmas!


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