Sunday, January 20, 2008

Husbandly Tag

Emily Kate had this on her blog -- and I thought I'd be a good thing to have pub'd in my blog book whenever that happens.... :D Shocking, she didn't even actually TAG me, but I'm doing it anyway.
{ gasp}
What’s his name? Drew Samuel
How long have you been together? Well, we were engaged Feb 15th 1997 -- and we were together about 6 months before that... so what, just about 11 years? Give or take a few...
How long did you date? 6 months. I'd use the word "dating" lightly -- I was in nursing school and they frowned on anything that didn't involve blood and guts -- so we did grocery shop together, and sometimes we watched ER (because that not only involves blood, but also guts)
How old is he? 33 (get out the Geritol)
Who eats more? Drew, Drew and Drew. I WISH I could eat as much as he does -- but I think we're all aware of my weight loss quest.
Who said I love you first? Drew -- and my response "no you don't." We'd just had a communication class in school where we were told we might have psycho patients tell us they loved us so we were practicing saying "no you don't" -- it just came naturally. :)
Who is taller? Hello. Drew.
Who is smarter? One word answer. Me. Obviously. :) Drew does beat me on quite a few things, but his vaginal knowledge is quite limited. {sigh} -- who knows how he gets along.
Who does laundry? I wash, he folds. It works for us.
Who does the dishes? I make dinner, he cleans-up -- sometimes with a little help from me or a child. He's a keeper.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Who's right? If you're ON the bed -- it's Drew -- if you're LOOKING at the bed, it's me.
Who pays the bills? I am the Erickson financial guru. I even do our own taxes.
Who mows the lawn? Drew, I can't even start the lawn mower. But, perhaps I can now that my guns are so big {arm kiss}
Who cooks dinner? Me.
Who drives when you are together? Drew, I hate to drive.
Who is more stubborn? Hello. Drew. I am so submissive it's just silly. :)
Who kissed who first? Drew kissed me. I think. Those times, they are a bit fuzzy now. :)
Who asked out who first? I think Drew did... but most likely it was me begging a ride to grocery shop on a Friday night. Can we all say "losah!!!!"
Who proposed? Drew to me. If we're talking marriage. :)
Who has more siblings? Drew, 5 sisters -- God bless his soul.
Who wears the pants in the family? The pants in our family are finely tailored to myself. Well, maybe I should say I wear the skirt and he wears the pants -- and we have matching belts. :) It depends on the issue. But, frankly -- moms are home more, I do have to make a lot of decisions about the kids on my own. Not sure if that's pants wearing or not...

Fun little quiz -- feel free to answer it for yourself. People who I'd be particularly interested to see: Lara, Denise, Miranda (I know, you don't have a blog -- just email it to me -- or write it down in your journal), Allison, and anyone else who is the mood. Make sure to link me when you do it. Sometimes it's nice to get a peek into other people's marriages.


  1. miranda5:46 PM

    Sounds like fun, I will send you an email with our info. I agree it is interesting to see different relationships.

  2. Hey, I am going to do this. Look for it tomorrow.

  3. Done.

    See, there's plenty of things we didn't know about you. :)

  4. I did this tag on my blog if you are interested to see. :)


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