Monday, January 07, 2008

No Sunbeam.

Conner (left -- January 2004) and Spencer (Right -- Yesterday) both on their first days of Sunbeams (and in the same shirt -- crazy scrapbooking mom -- but honestly, Drew picked them out and what are the chances he'd remember?)

Spencer wants to stay in nursery forever. Honestly, who can blame him? Our ward has, at times, 3 nurseries but the oldest nursery is by far the best. The leader is amazing and we all love her at our house. She truly does an amazing service for these little people, and while they are ready for Sunbeams (they learn how to sit during a lesson and be respectful) they're not ready in their hearts because they love this leader so.

Spencer was really, really sad yesterday. He didn't want to go to sunbeams, he wanted to go to nursery. But, went we did. I mean, we'd talked it up. All week we were cheering for our new little Sunbeam, and it seemed like he was going along with it until I reached the car yesterday morning, and he and Conner were having a fight over the fact that he was NOT going to Primary because he was still in nursery.

So, we went, I let him sit on my lap through the prayer and then I said it was time for me to go. Thank goodness for a good sunbeam teacher who let him sit on her lap. She's like 9 months pregnant and ready to go at any time (and obviously a saint) but she still cuddled him. When I picked him up after church I asked him if he loved Primary. He said he did have a great time and he would sit on her lap again next week. Of course he will, if she doesn't have a new baby by then. :) Hopefully this was only a rocky start.

In other quandries I was really inspired by yesterday's Sunday School lesson to read the scriptures more thoroughly as a family. So, we started reading the Book of Mormon last night, all of us. I'm thinking a collumn a night and we'll just do it with whoever is home. I think in my mind I was so concerned with us all being there it was stopping it. But, some being there is better then none being there, right? But, what do you guys do for scripture study? I know I've asked it before, but I know that some of you are newer so I thought I'd glean a few more ideas.


  1. Awwh...look at your cute little Sunbeams. Chloe graduated to ctr 5 yesterday and Bria to Senior Primary! Sophie will be in nursery in 3 weeks. Crazy.

    We read one verse each every night. That's 4 verses a night.

    At this rate we'll finish the Book of Mormon in 60 years. :) We just started 2 Nephi,though. So I'm proud. I think when Chloe can read on her own we'll add more verses.

  2. THey look so cute! Hard to believe they're this old already!

    We read 5 verses/night. I guess that equals out to one verse/night like Lara, but for now only Aaron and I are the readers. Dallin and Ashton like to read from a board book of scripture stories for their part each night, but we are planning to get dallin his own, real Book of Mormon soon. We've been doing this for about 2+ years and we are still only in Mosiah!! :) Slow and steady, right???

  3. I forgot to say that I was also inspired by Sunday School yesterday and Aaron and I have begun studying the Gospel Doctrine assignment each night together for 10-15 minutes after the kids are down.

  4. So who was the lucky pregnant girl? Who else in pregnant in the big SC?

  5. Becky started Sunbeams too yesterday. I didn't think she would want to go, but she is really into being big and she wanted to be a big sunbeam. No problem.

    After dragging Josh to sunbeams every Sunday, kicking and screaming for six months, this was a relief!

    We are not good about family scripture study. But we try to read a whole chapter, unless is it really long. Usually, the little ones get sent to bed for being crazy before we're through, so the older ones get something out of the last few minutes.

  6. Miranda8:46 PM

    We read about a column or two a night as well, sometimes I read more and the kids don't notice. I agree with reading with whoever is home. With Andrew gone most of the time it makes our routine run smoothly.


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