The Big Teatherball Revolt

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I worked yesterday, it pretty much took me out of the land of the living, very tired when I got home due to my new cold virus friend. I think perhaps the cold, along with the impending visit from Aunt Flow was making me partially ornery with that last post… shocking, but true.
ANYWAY, last night {right at bedtime, mind you} Conner says “MOM, I need to make some posters for our tetherball boycott!!!!” and I’m like “?” — but regardless, it was bedtime and I said if he got-up early he could make them in the morning.
Fast forward to this morning, I’m doing a little baby workout (sick, remember — btw, this little illness and my auntie visiting gave me a 1 pound weight gain yesterday — DANG THEM), and he says MOM I’m gonna make my posters, and I say fine whatever.
So I’m done with my workout and I ask him WHAT THE HECK he is doing, his response:
“Mom, we’re gonna be like Caesar Chavez and have a boycott of tetherball. There are lots of people who are not having good sportsmanship or good manners and it is causing us a lot of stress!” I was pretty much stuck on how he was going to be like Cesar Chavez (who, I knew HAD to be important because he has a plaza in almost every town here in CA).
Turns out, they’re frustrated because people aren’t following the rules on the tetherball court (taking too long for their turn, I guess they’re supposed to stop after 4 games), and they had tried to talk to them, but they wouldn’t listen. So, they’re going to deliver a note to the other 2nd grade classrooms with their grievances and then picket it tomorrow. That’s right, my 7 year old is going to picket.
Go figure.
But, at least it’s peaceful, and at least he’s learning to work out his problems.
Perhaps it’ll be good for when the teachers strike here…. (did I mention that NONE of the teachers in our district are working under contract so far — and the year’s 3/4 over!!!!!).
Anyway, interesting, and true information for you all.
BTW, Cesar Chavez told everyone to stop eating grapes, I think because of the labor laws or something like that. Thank goodness that’s over I love grapes. :)

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    Wow. Go Conner. I hope they get their tetherball working smoothly again.

    Was this the kids’ idea, or just an amazingly creative teacher?

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