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I can’t watch the news anymore people. I can watch matt Lauer in Amsterdam looking at the tulips, I can watch Paula Abdual make a fool of herself on Idol… those things I can watch — but anytime they veer off the lighter subjects I have to tune them out.
I get SO anxious.
The kind of anxious that could use zoloft.
There are food shortages.
Mortgage rates are going to rise.
Gas rates are going to keep going up.
People don’t have jobs.
{I am also not particularly fond of my job right now, which makes me even more nervous}
Homes are being foreclosed.
I can’t really tolerate it all. I feel so comforted by the scriptures that say faith and fear can’t exist together. I know we have done the things that our prophet has asked, and we are slowly building a savings (just waiting for us to need it). I try and be a good steward of what we have, but, well… {sigh}
Anyway, what are you guys doing to keep your spirits high?
Or, should I just get a prescription?
I have been thinking about all the great things that are happening to our family right now and I do feel extremely blessed… you know, it’s just looking ahead.

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    It’s scary. But I do think the news thrives on manufacturing mass hysteria. Not that these things aren’t happening, but I think the news makes it seem worse than it is. You know I worry like crazy about this stuff too. And we are trying so hard to be better stewards. And we’re making it. I guess just keep working with what you have and doing whatever you can to hold it together, and you will be blessed.

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    I do think that the news is partly to blame.

    In a world of such intense media, where we are connected ALL THE TIME! things seems to get over blown.

    We know that times are rough.

    But we also know that if we are doing what we are supposed to, we need not be afraid.

    If you are out of debt, have a savings, and have your food storage (or are on your way) then you are doing what you can, and you just have to turn everything else over to the Lord.

    I am currently in the proecess of getting my food storage in order…200 pounds of wheat coming today!

    And now, I am going to learn what the heck to do with it!

    Watch more Paula, less news. Do what you need to do. No fear.

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    I hear ya. I wanted to buy some rice at Costco today even though I didn’t need it, just b/c I was hearing about the shortage. It’s that panic-buying thing. It’s so scarry to think about the future, especially when it doesn’t look too hot. This is just such a reminder to me about the timely-ness (is that a word?) of the prophets. If we’ve been following their guidance, we don’t have to worry about keeping up w/our unneccessary debt, and we might just have a little extra rice set aside, too! It’s so comforting to know that God is at the helm. He knows everything and loves us so much–enough to send us leaders who can guide us up to this and through it. What a blessing!

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