Friday, June 06, 2008

Car Ideas

Summer is fast approaching, and once again I'm wondering if anyone has any amazing car ideas? Some of you might remember that I am anti-DVD player. Say what you will -- Conner is almost 8 and it seems to be working for us. Well, it mostly does.
ANYWAY, I did make my tickets again this year (I count up the miles for each day and they have tickets for every 100 miles that we go -- I "punch" the tickets as we go -- that way they have more of a visual reminder of how much longer there is to drive -- I also include neat state facts in the ticket book along our journey, mock on your own time, thanks). That did help last time. ETA: I don't think I quite explained them very well -- so I took some pictures of our ticket books for this year's trip. BTW, I think Drew thought I was INSANE when I was making thes

I'm trying to get a little higher quality items, that will last longer than this trip. I found a few handheld games (yahtzee, wheel of fortune) for pretty cheap at Kohl's.
I'm buying a few klutz books for the kids.
Does anyone do anything else they have felt worked pretty well?
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  1. Those are amazing, hilary! Who would mock? Seriously, I think you are the best mom! If we ever drive somewhere I'm stealing your ideas! Do your kids know how to play Sudoku? The books are at the dollar store and my neices can already do the Level I's and II's. Dallin does some easy kid ones off the internet. Just another prize idea maybe?

  2. Your hundred mile ticket that says, "You will be close to Blackfoot, Idaho" made me smile - that's my home town! There is a potato museum there that isn't too expensive and kind of cool if you needed a stopping place.

    I think your ticket books are awesome!

  3. I have heard of wiki sticks, which are like these plastic sticks you can mold and play with. I'm not sure where to get them I'm sure you can google and find them if you don't know what I'm talking about.

  4. Personally, I think you are way too ambitious, Hill!!!! My kids love the Scripture Scout CD's, plus they are kindof fun for me to listen to as well!

    See you in a few!

  5. Patti Garcia8:35 AM

    Car bingo, with things they are likely to see on it - for instance, cows, horses, barns, and such if you're traveling through farm country. Also, things you might see on the road itself - like signs for specific places, various road signs (curve ahead, merge), types of trucks (tanker trucks, trucks carrying crates or equipment, car carriers), trains, etc.

    We also played the alphabet game - look for each letter on signs and/or license plates and fill out the entire alphabet on a sheet. You can make it more challenging by going in order, using only capitals, finding two of each before you can go on, etc.

    State license plates (more challenging now that they don't all match within a specific state).

    For older kids, write down observations of what is happening in nature outside - different rock formations, different colors of soil, different plant life (like going from grassy plains to forests, desert to pines, etc.), different types of towns/cities/villages.

    Also, a hint from a desert dweller - do NOT use crayons in the car. In the summer heat, they will melt, and can destroy your seats and your carpets. Colored pencils seem to work best. Markers are okay unless it's super hot, and then they'll dry out.

  6. My kids LOVED books on tape! OK, books on CD now. :-)
    They would listen for hours at a time with no complaint-- novels by age 8 for sure, also anything by Odds Bodkin or Jim Weiss (Chinaberry has a huge selection of the latter). Don't give up-- it can be done and the kiddos may even thank you when they are older. Mine did! ~Michelle


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