Mr and Mrs.

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I have joked I no longer need a daughter after I married off Joanna. She was SO happy that day, and there was plenty around her not to be overjoyed with — but she let it float by her. So happy for the both of them. So glad to have been there on their special day. Also met their cool photographer Meghan MacAskill. She was pretty dang cool.

Also trying to post some SLR pictures once a week. I need to take more, and enjoy it more. With lightroom the editing process is SO fast, but it does take time to import and export. Anyway, once a week is my goal. BTW, I am talking with friends telling them NOT to get a SLR. Do you have a SLR? Do you love it? I must admit mine only comes out for “portraits” — usually when it’s spur of the moment or something at school I just take my tiny Cannon. I honestly don’t recommend SLR’s — yes, they’re amazing if you want to spend a LOT of time editing, and learning your camera, but if not — enjoy a good tiny camera with a great optical zoom. That’s my two cents for the day. :)

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    What beautiful photos. As far as the other stuff- I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    I spent 3 hours today in Photoshop and have a crooked blog header to show for it….

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    Cute pictures of the happy couple. Sorry I had to miss the reception. In UT taking my 12 SLR photography workshop with Carin Davis. It was funny after we swore to only shoot in “M” for a week I pulled out my point and shoot and took a picture with Carin. I think there’s a time and place for SLR or point and shoots. I’m loving as I’m learning more about SLR. All for FUN!

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    Great pictures. I have both, and love that. I love being able to change lenses w/my SLR, but the little camera is just so small and convenient. Go amazing Joanna! I’m happy for her–sounds like she deserves her happiness 100%.

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