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I’m torn who to vote for. I really thought their veep picks would solidify things for me. Perhaps they have — but perhaps they haven’t. I think Joe Biden was a loser of a choice. For someone who wants change, he picked someone who’s as much a part of Washington Politics as the Lincoln memorial.
On the surface I love Sarah Palin. I’ve always thought a mother could come into DC and thoroughly clean stuff up. However, I’d always pictured someone who was through at least the elementary years. with her kids. With the news of her daughter’s pregnancy I see a mom who can’t do 2 things perfectly, just like the rest of us. Would her daughter have gotten pregnant if she was home more?
Who knows? I do know that you can’t mother and work as well as you could do either one alone. Period. I’ve done both, and I know how it effects a person. But, then comes the question — do I think what she could add to this country might be worth the sacrifice she is going to have to make. Perhaps.
I will have to see as we go into the coming debates. What are your thoughts? Do you love her? Do you hate me for questioning her?

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  1. says

    That is a tiny concern, but since I’m voting for the president, it doesn’t really matter to me. I love her politics though. And I think her personal life shouldn’t be brought into it.

    However, voting for Obama is not a choice for me. I’d rather have no change than I would the changes he wants to make.

  2. says

    It was all about the Veeps for me!

    And now, there is no question…I would NEVER have voted for McCain just on his own merits, but now that he has Palin, he has my vote, for sure.

    I agree, she won’t be able to both her job and take care of her family the way that she could if she only focused on one.

    Too, it might not be the choice I would make, but I think every person has to choose their own path, and live it the best they know how.

    Her husband is going to have to step up, because I think she is going to be pretty busy…and they will just have to work together as a family to make it through.

    Her family is going to sacrifice a lot…but I think all families who end up in the white house (or the VP mansion) all end up making these type of sacrifices.

    I also have to say that I think it will really mean something to have someone with a very high profile that she is the parent of a down syndrome child.

    It was sickening to me to learn that nearly 70% of all suspected down syndrome babies are aborted.

    Holy crap!

    I also feel for her to have her daughter be pregnant…but it sounds like they are working it our and they are talking about it…and I know even in the “best” families, things happen.

    It’s how you deal with it that counts.

    Sorry to go on so, but this matters to me.

  3. says

    I feel torn as well. But over all I feel she has a young family and a special needs child along with a family crisis. And this would not just be a job but VP so unless her husband is going to be running the home front(like not working period) it’s really contrary to my core values. I’m writing in my own candidate for the vote LOL

  4. says

    I don’t hate you…I’ve wondered those things myself. The bottom line for me is thatSHE has chosen to both be a mother and work in politics to affect change. Whether she is the VP or remains a leader in her own state, she’ll still be working and mothering. My vote won’t change that. I’d rather have her influence in Washington.

    Voting for Obama is simply not an option for me. No change is better than the changes he proposes… me anyway.

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m much less concerned with the pregnant daughter issue than I am with the fact that she has a infant son with Downs.

    I’ve seen many families with stellar parents whose teenagers have made bad choices. I can’t judge her for that. However, she has a baby with a serious disability. That’s a boy that needs his mommy!

    -Emily H.

    PS I’m a total blog stalker…I’ve been reading you for awhile…I guess this is my coming out :)

  6. says

    Well, I have the same concerns as you, but I really feel like those things are HERS to work out for herself and her family. I like the fact that she always has her children around with her at her office. I agree, her husband will have to step up to bat and concentrate solely on the family, but, again, that is their decision. All Presidential and VP families have to sacrifice to some degree.

  7. says

    It is an interesting conundrum, but it’s not like we have 2 awesome choices here. I mean, it’s a mother of a down syndrome baby who didn’t abort it, (and her 17 year old pregnant daughter didn’t abort either, btw), or WAAAAAY higher taxes, pro-abortion, socialistic medicine guy. I really don’t get why people are even questioning it. Any family can have someone w/problems. I would know.

  8. says

    Yes – I was just like you. Just not into politics AT ALL this year and really thought I would just not vote but then I heard Palin talk (and this was after I had already written her off because I thought no way could a woman be a good VP) but I totally changed my mind after I hear her speech and now I am excited to vote and excited to see how she does in the debates.

    But I am hoping her and her husband have worked out something so that their family does not suffer with her endeavor.

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