Going Home

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Well, the time has come. It’s time for the help to be done.

Drew’s back to work.

Mom’s going home today.

I’m on my own. After the 3 day weekend. :)

And yes, I did make P that hat. And yes, she hates it. :)

Mom being here has been great. The kids have eased into life with a new sister with her. Can’t thank her enough. Well, I can. I gave her grandchildren. And, you’re welcome. :)

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  1. Mikell says

    awwww, she so cute in the hat. Love the look on her face. She looks very happy with grandma. Happy memorail day!!

  2. says

    Hillary, your mom looks so familiar. What is her name? Did she ever work at ZCMI? I’m thinking she looks like one of my moms friends..I don’t know…Cute pictures of the baby!

  3. says

    So I was just reading that the likelihood of PPD is totally lessened when your mom comes to help. Specificall mom…not husband. I thought it was interesting.

    Beautiful pcitures, even if she doesn’t like the hat. It’s still cute. Maybe she’ll like it in the winter. :)

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