Monday, June 01, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome back to reality. I seem to have a lot of leftovers in my fridge, so I'm trying to use those up.
  • Mexican: BBQ Pork Tacos (I have leftover BBQ pork, I think I'll add some refried beans from the cannary and boil them all together)
  • Salad: Asian Ramen/Chicken Salad (does anyone have a great recipe for this? It seems like I had one where I saute the noodles -- ramen's 10 for a dollar at Savemart through tomorrow, I had iceburg lettuce, ramen and leftover chicken all in my fridge -- I did find this one)
  • Pasta: Tuna Casserole
  • Kids: Pizzas (either homemade or french bread, depending on my will to live)
  • Chicken: BBQ Chicken (marinate in BBQ sauce or something else)
  • Other: Pork Chops, Baja Black Bean Burritos (recipe from Becky, it's delish), and casserole from the freezer.
Yum, yum.


  1. Mikell2:21 PM

    BTW i thought this was cool.a friend of ours does this: Every time she posts she says three things shes grateful for

  2. These look yummy! Do you want to plan my menu? I need to get better at that! It would really help my mind every day to not have to think about what to do for dinner!


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