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I’d LOVE for people to post their Mommy “stand-by” recipes for me on their blogs. I’ve had so many friend asking me about how I make dinner/plan dinner as of late. I know it’s a huge issue for moms. Let’s unite:

  • Pasta: Sausage and mushrooms Saute some mushrooms in desired amount of oil and a bit of garlic, set aside. Brown smoked sausage, add mushrooms. Pour in Alfredo sauce (or make your own if you’re super fancy like that) and simmer. Add some Parmesan if you’re in the mood. Pour in cooked noodles (whatever variety is in your cabinet) and wham-o, it’s dinner. I’ve added peas to it before, and while I am fine with them, Drew wasn’t a fan. Kids love it, although they pick out the mushrooms — which is one of my favorite parts, so whatever.
  • Chicken: Chicken Florentine probably with a basic side.
  • Crockpot: Grandma B’s Bean Soup — hello fall – thanks for all your soups that help me use dried beans.
  • Easy: Tacos (personal standby) I just brown the meat, add a bit of garlic salt, serve with crunchy shells (from a box), cheese, tomatoes and frankly whatever produce I have available to serve it with — onions, lettace, cilantro.
  • New: Still haven’t tried the Turkey Club Pie.

I do still have some other items left from last week. That’s why I like this menu plan so much –I’m able to be a little more loose with things.

ETA: I’m going to have Scrumptious Strawberry Shortcakes for FHE tonight. I just baked them and they look delicious.

And we all know one thing I am — loose. ūüėČ

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  1. Anonymous says

    Interested to know how the shortcakes turned out. I love them but find store bought WAY too sweet. My mom used Bisquick growing up, but I would like a recipe that’s a little bit more sophisticated. For all my fancy guests… =)


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