Menu Plan Monday

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Well, somehow our menu got off last week.  Not sure how. 
Here’s what’s on the docket for this week:

  • Chickpeas with Broccoli Rabe and Bacon — found the broccoli Rabe at Trader Joe’s (word on the street they open at 8:30 now, HELLO, SO HAPPY!!!) {5 points — on further evaluation this HAS to be higher.  You never drain the grease from the bacon… I’d put it somewhere around 13 points as written.  Next time I will drain the grease (most of it) before I add the onion, and probalby call it an 8 point dish — annoying, their nutrition facts HAVE to be wrong!}
  • Asparagus and Egg Drop Soup — didn’t get to it last week. {4.5 points}
  • Chuck’s Favorite Mac and Cheese — I need to start making some of our family favorites and making sure I can have approrpriate serving sizes. {12 points}
  • Chicken Parmesana and Brussel sprouts {?}
  • Chicken Florentine Casserole — Might do it with broccoli instead of spinach. {17 points — only using 1/2 the chicken too! — I’ll have to eat light that day!}
  • Pollock Montreal — trying to try some new fish besides tilapia and salmon.  So far we are not fans of roughy. {7 points}
  • Upsidedown Orange French Toast — breakfast for dinner.  :) {14.5 points}

Five Star Recipes from Last Week:

Porkchops with Pineapple Salsa — SO good, a good dish to serve to company

Mary Ruth gets a 5 star rating for putting Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup on her blog.  I exchanged the cream with evaporated milk and it was SO good.  I thought it’d be like a 10 point dish, but there was SO much of it I only needed half a serving.  That was five points, along with a slice of bread (it’s broth was great to dip my bread in).  Anyway.  Thanks Mary Ruth!

For me, at least right now it’s just going through the recipes and finding a few that I have ingredients for and just having those available.  It’s just too hard to decide if you have the entire world to choose from. :)

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  1. says

    Totally going to try the Chickpeas with Broccoli Rabe (if I can figure out what broccoli rabe is) and the pork chops with pineapple salsa from last week’s post! I’m also going to email you some super yummy, healthy dishes we’ve tried lately!

    Go you!

  2. says

    I tried the that soup recipe about a year ago and loved it. We love to put it in bread bowls. I was glad to hear you liked the pork chop recipe. I plan on trying this soon.

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