Menu Plan Monday

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I am really steppin’ out of the box trying to find some new recipes for the family.

  • Lamb Chops with Balsamic Reduction Never made lamb before, I enjoy it in restaurants.  Probably with a baked potato. (7 points)
  • Black Bean Burgers — I know, I’m steppin out on limbs though. :) (4 points, just for the burger)  I am thinking a southwestern mayo on the bun might be called for….
  • White Chili (9 points)  Sounds SO good, good thing that JAR of alfredo sauce is split between the 12 portions!
  • Sausage Risotto with Spinach & Tomatoes — can’t find my actual recipe but this one is similar (15 points -yipes!)
  • Salmon Cakes — had these before and they were a huge hit.  They’re hearty enough to just have with a salad (11 pts)
  • Turkey Pot Pie — Family LOVED this a few months ago, bringing it back for an encore presentation. (6 points, but it’s so good, and needs nothing with it I’ll probably have 2 servings, also when I make it I only use one crust for the top to save calories and I hate gummy bottom crusts)
  • Mexican Casserole (as written 14 points, I may shave a couple off using some low fat cheese within the casserole — I HATE low fat cheese on top, but within a casserole I don’t notice a difference)

5 Star Meals from Last Week:

  • 3 Herb Drumsticks — really yummy, next time I think I’ll throw on some potatoes and carrots along wtih the tomatoes, all the herbs are really yummy together.  Points for just the recipe as written is 5 points
  • Creamy Cheese Soup — so thick and yummy.  Great when you need a low-cal cheese fix. 6 points
  • We have yet to have the Chicken Tamale Casserole, but we’re all excited because we love tamales… hopefully it will be on my 5 star list next week. :) 8 points as written.

Happy eating and finding variety in your diet!

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  1. Our Family says

    I made the Chicken Tamale Casserole last night for dinner. 5 out of 6 loved it and want it again tonight. #6 is SUPER picky, but he did eat a few bites. I had to cook it longer than the recipe called for, but other than that it was a super simple recipe.

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