What’s up!

I have a vow to get pictures off my camera and on scrapbook pages and into our lives.
Here’s what came off the camera today!

Spencer turned six last month.  Can you even get over how snazzy he looks in his new blazer.  The kid’s stylish, that’s for sure.  He’s SUCH a good seed lately.  I love how his mind thinks and how helpful he wants to be.  Love my middle little.

P turned 10 months.  Sadly, a lot of her pictures were a blur, but these two pretty well capture where we are right now.  No, that is just a trick of light where you see her gums — no teeth yet!  She’s cruising all over, into everything.  Life is a joy.  Slowly I’m reminding her that she is still very little and needs lots of naps.  Or do I need the naps… it’s a good question…  Can’t believe how big she’s getting.  A year ago I went on early maternity leave.  And look at her now.  Let’s just say that pictures, even a month ago, were a lot easier.
There she is, growing like a weed…. an eigth percentile weed… :)
Conner got 4th place in the pinewood derby, his car was very cool.
He was also apparently bored to death while doing his science fair project on compost.  Hmm… wonder where he got THAT idea from?

Spencer helped make an awesome cake for his sixth birthday
Kindergarten had an olympic parade.
and of course valentines parties at school.
Let’s face it, this post was pretty well for the grandmas.  I congratulate you on making it through it! :)
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    I love pictures! And I love how Conner isn’t smiling in any of them. Spencer is 6?! Holy cow. He does look shnazzy!