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So, since I talked about the store you wanted your look to come from… I have one other question for you ladies.

Do you schlep through the day in a T and sweats or do you relish in getting up and really trying to present a nice front?

I’m not talking that you need to wear your finest… but with the new clothes I have been trying to kick up my look a little bit and I’ve noticed it changes how I carry myself all day.  Not only my carriage but I tend to get more done and feel happier.  If all of that can come with a more tailored shirt… I do believe it’s worth it.

I’m a strong believer in getting up and putting a little makeup on, but now that I’m trying to dress the part of a functioning human being I find that the human being does come along with the part.

I think I’ll go function by doing a little playdough with the P’ster.  I mean, I can’t wear anything THAT amazing if playdough is on the roster… but I try. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I completely agree! How we feel about ourselves really has an impact on how we “live each day”. Whether it be wearing a new shirt, doing our hair, or making sure we get that one on one time with Heavenly Father in the morning through prayer.

    You are awesome. Keep up that great attitude!:)

  2. says

    I feel like I need to be dressed as though I were going to go out and be seen by people. Always a little makeup in the morning. The only exception is cleaning day where I wear my bleach-spotted sweats and an old shirt.

    My dad used to work from home, and he’d put on a shirt and tie before going into his office for the day. He said he was more productive if he felt like he was professional looking.

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    So my question is… what is the uniform who throughout the day every day gets crumbs, spit up, water, other kinds of water etc. on them? I have a hard time spending money on clothes and what I should “look” like as a stay-at-home-mom. Some days I feel and look better than others and therefore am more productive.

    However, I like this idea of having a grunged out cleaning day.

    I need to figure out my uniform.

    (sorry this thought is so discombobulated, too much on my mind + ADD = comments that make no sense)

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    While I often WANT to spend the day in my PJs (and sometimes I do), those days are totally crappy.

    I have noticed that when I try harder to wear things that make me feel cute, I not only get more done, but I am so much more likely to stick to my diet and exercise. That one time I lost 35 pounds I totally attribute to buying cuter clothes and getting my hair cut cute and stopping with the ponytail/jeans/t-shirt lifestyle.

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    I have found I’m a much more patient mom after I do what I need to feel better about myself. This includes hair, make-up and clothes that I feel I can go out in public.

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    I do feel better if I am dressed so that I could go outside and be seen. If someone knocks on your door nothing is worse than that feeling of ‘oh man! I’m still in my PJs!’ (I did answer the door a couple times to the Jehovahs Witnesses in my PJs that first summer after we were married).

    When I am dressed up more snazzy I do act differently, better. I have been moving my wardrobe in that direction (I have only girl jeans now and the really baggy stuff is being slowly donated or put with the maternity clothes). However, when I’m with the kids(4 and 2) my clothes get dirty – so I think if I wore nice clothes all the time it would just make me more uptight (yes, I’m sure it’s possible) about getting them dirty. Or less inclined to get down on the floor or in the leaf pile and play with the kids. So, baby steps for now.

  7. says

    I am totally more productive and feel better about myself when I get up earlier than my family and get ready for the day. For some reason I’m quicker at getting things done when I’m dressed and have hair and make-up done.

    Although, a good saturday lounge day in PJ’s does a lot for my soul as well :)

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