Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TMI Tuesdays: My Tailbone Woes

So, some long time followers may remember my tailbone woes.  When P was about 9 months old I decided that it wasn't fixing on its own.  I tried physical therapy (creepy and ew... you don't want to know).  I tried spinal steroid injections (ow, ow, ow, ow, ow -- but the first one really did help) and I tried a chiropractor.

The chiropractor finally figured out that my EXTREMELY painful Plantar fasciitis was tied to the tailbone pain . He helped me come up with lots of ways to help stretch out.

I did those faithfully, for weeks and weeks.

Vogue High Heeled Shoe Wine Bottle Metal Stopper w/ Inlaid Enamel & Rubber SealAnd while it got a little better, especially the Plantar fasciitis... but it still all hurt.

And then I remembered something my podiatrist said, "High heeled shoes are your friend."

My budget, sadly didn't have a lot of room for amazing high heeled shoes, and I have the grace of a gnat, so I needed them to be pretty sturdy. 

And then there was a trip to Savers where I found 3 pair, and a trip to Nordstrom's Rack where I found another pair... and my healing has begun.

The Plantar fasciitis doesn't hurt at. all. now... so that's great.  I used to limp to the bathroom before I could really walk upright on it.  Now It's all sunshine and roses.

The tailbone still hurts.  It's not near as bad but I've come to terms that church isn't going to be fun, for a long, long time.  I remember it got better as Spencer neared 2... and it is getting better as Miss P makes her way to 2 on her own.

A sweet friend offered to babysit the other night and Drew and I were thinking MOVIES.  And then I remembered that movies are long now a days.  It's just not something I can comfortably do.  We can watch netflix from my side on the couch.  I'm not at the point where the pain is ruling my everyday life, like it used to... but if I sit for more than about 45 minutes I am reminded I am not a whole woman. :) 

So, in summary.  High heeled shoes have cured my of my butt-ache.  Maybe they can help you too. :)

In other news, I think TMI Tuesday is going to make a comeback... if I don't get any good questions, I'll just re-do the ones I have written previously... but I hope there are some good questions.  I'd like to put all this useless medical knowledge to work. :)


  1. You know, I had plantar fascitis for a while, and it was just after I had Sophia and moved to Cedar and was in total frump mode. Once I started dressing up and wearing heels more often (and I LOVE heels, my closet is full of them) it all went away. I thought it was supposed to be the opposite, so I had stopped wearing heels hoping for my feet to feel better! But as it turned out, heels are awesome. :) And I can still wear all my shoes.

  2. Ok Hilary, now it's your turn to be the genius! I had no idea that high heels helped with plantar fascitis. I have stopped wearing them most of the time because I thought the opposite. I've dealt with it for the past few years and it is so painful. I'm busting out my high heels!

    On another note, what kinds of questions are you talking about for TMI Tuesdays?

  3. I love heels and am happy to hear they actually are a cure for something. The past few months I have given into flats for church because of my healing knee. My husband keeps asking when I am going to wear heels again. :)

    Ditto on Mary's question, btw.

  4. I have some awful lower back pain and have found that heels help with that (for me) also.

    My friends are teasing me for wearing them in the snow, but I'd rather stand upright looking good than be slouched over in snow boots.

  5. I love TMI Tuesdays :)


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