A Little Info On Unions

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Since Drew and I have both gone through layoffs in the past 6 months I thought I’d share a little info on unions.  It seems like people don’t really understand them…. and I know I didn’t when I came here.  Here’s a few facts:

  • Seniority is everything.  Your hire date is everything in a layoff. 
  • Your seniority date entirely trumps the fact that you are a good or bad teacher.  Had a lot of complaints?  It doesn’t matter, because you have tenure and you bascailly can’t be fired.  This is the same for nurses (although the hospital tends to be a bit more proactive on firings… seems like you’d have to kill a kid to get fired from the school district… Ok, not quite, but it does seem extreme).
  • Our district is only laying off elementary music teachers, but because they have the same credential as Drew they could “bump” him.  Again, because seniority is everything.
  • Your union mostly puts your money to political races.  Every time we’ve had a layoff I don’t feel like our union is doing much to protect us.  I do think we get about 20 fliers a week between our two unions when we’re having an election, telling us how to vote.  Because of this, I am considering donating my union dues to charity… although, they haven’t been entirely forthright with how this occurs, etc.

Anyway, there’s some info on unions you may or may not have known beforehand. 

Are you union?  Do you wish you were?

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  1. says

    I initially read this heading as “A little info on Onions” and I thought, “hmm, what do I not know about onions?”

    Sounds like unions can make you cry too though, so maybe they aren’t too far apart.

    You don’t send a guy to Ireland on a farewell tour, you’re gonna be fine :-)

    Besides, it would be weird if you left the bay area before we did. You’re supposed to be the long timers. Good thoughts and prayers for you.

  2. says

    My cousin who is a school teacher in Sacramento donates to charity instead of union dues.

    It is a travesty what unions have done to education and health care.

  3. says

    Agreed. My experience is that unions are utterly unnecessary, are a business unto themselves, and ruin anything that actually values PERFORMANCE . . .

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