Photo Friday: Ireland Rocks.

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OH my gosh, could this blog be any MORE about me and my troubles?  Sick of it.  Off to what our family is doing, because we all know life just doesn’t ever stand still around here!
So, I went through Drew’s pictures and just picked the ones that made me the most jealous.  Look how pretty this pace is!  With all the brew-ha-ha I never mentioned that Drew had an AMAZING trip and found a great love for the people of Ireland.  He now has like 100 facebook friends from Ireland, what a surprise. :)

Here he is golfing.  Check out the amazing castle in the background!  Pretty sure our community course won’t be exciting for him anymore!

Here’s the group of adults that went.  Not sure who the lady in red is.  She must be important though. :)

And what band tour album would be complete without a bus photo? :)  But, this one’s sure prettier then the band tours I ever took!

AND there were suveniers… the kids adore their hats.  Finally they’ll have something to wear on international day!  Especially Paige.  She is quite the viking. :)

But, wait, there’s more!  This week we had Colonial Day at school.  Conner came up with quite the outfit.

Sure do love this kid.  He’s making babysteps, but I think he’s slowly realizing how important it is that I trust him. 

I was in charge of the hoop rolling, and yes I am serious.  The kids had a GREAT time doing it though.  I didn’t ever get a really good picture but here’s one of Conner.  They also did candle dipping, and made johnny cake.  Very cool.  Huge props to our amazing teachers!

Anyway, happy Friday everyone.  Here’s to a great new week!

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