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If any of you are my friends on facebook, I’m sure you’ve been following my trails of vomit with grave anticipation.  I know, facinating stuff. :)

Anyway, P has been throwing up since Friday night… so far today, it’s been vomit free.  Yay!

But something about this wasn’t following the normal course.  No fever, she’s had a cough and a lot of congestion with it.  I was following my regular vomiting protocol but it wasn’t helping at all…

So, last night I threw the protocol out the window, and she’s actually doing better.

I’m guessing the mucus was building up in her stomach causing nausea and then she’d cough and well, you know how that feels.

Anyway, today’s TMI Tuesday is to trust your gut, if something isn’t following its regular course contact your doctor or try something different.  Life isn’t all about policies and protocols. :)

Or laundry, although my piles beg to differ. {sigh}

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    I feel your pain. I’m running my second load of pukey laundry this morning! It’s the same thing with my little one. In the morning the only thing in his stomach is the mucus that built up overnight. Then he coughs and that triggers his adorably sensitive vomit reaction. It’s like doing laundry and dishes in one, you have to pre-rinse the vomit, and then let it run through a cycle. GAG!

    Now his blankie is in the washer, and he won’t nap without it. It’s going to be a long day!

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    oh man, I hope everyone gets better soon :) That is not fun.

    My two youngest both have reactive airway disease (asthma) that gets really bad when they have a cold and whenever they cough really hard it makes them throw up too…. so sorry :(

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    Sorry! As a side note, I have a question for TMI Tuesdays. So when we were at Disney last week one evening when we were putting Miss M to bed we noticed that her cheeks were bright red. We’re talking like fire engine red and were burning hot, not her forehead, just her cheeks were hot. I immediately thought of fifth’s and figured that’s probably what it was. She had started a few days earlier with a cough and runny nose but had tons of energy, not acting sick at all, etc. Anyway, we gave her motrin when she went to bed and when she woke up the next morning the cheeks weren’t red anymore and never got red like that again but she had a rash all over her chest/stomach and back. Lots of bumps, your basic red itchy rash. The rash lasted a day or two and then went away. So, was this fifth’s? None of my kids have ever had that before. How do you know when it is and when it isn’t? It seems like this is one of those common childhood illnesses.

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