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According to our census records there are FIVE people at this household.  Seems like we’re all focused on one of us lately… but we all have lives (except, for possibly me).

Tiny whiny is getting so wordy.  She’s in that phase where she’ll say something {not particularly of our language} and then be SO mad that I can’t figure out what she said.  She truly has been the sunshine for all of us lately.  I babysat a couple of kids last week and she had so much fun with them, til’ she started getting tired and then she was OBVIOUSLY bothered that she wasn’t getting my full attention.  I think she knows pre-nap is her time, no one else’s. :)

Mr Middle is gearing up to be a stinkbug in his 1st grade production coming up soon.  He’s especially proud to carry on the Erickson tradition as Conner was also a stinkbug in first grade.  He’s a great singer so I’m sure he’s a welcome addition to the stinkbug clan.  I do need to find him a black shirt though… I need to get on that.  He loved having grandma and grandpa here and constantly was begging to play their DS.  Only firmed up my notion that we don’t need one! :)

El Presidante has heard of a possible upcoming move and I can sense he’s a little nervous at even the possibility.  However, in an effort to keep things as normal as possible we also have him signed up for the accelerated learning at the Jr. High…  I’m also trying to keep a better routine when he gets home from school and I even made him room in the office so that he can do his homework without tiny fingers getting in his way {gasp, like they would do that!}.  We currently have a “magnet” system to keep people focused and on task.  Conner will lose science camp (coming up soon) if he doesn’t keep his magnets the right color (they go from green to red).  I was just tired of having to re-focus him consistently.  So far, it’s working like a charm.

As for me, I feel like I am on the edge of a panic attack most of the time.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to expand my lungs and get some air into me.  I’m usually a person who thrives on stress and a lot to do but I’m realizing that in order to keep myself sane I may have to shove some of the giant pile on my plate onto someone else’s.  Also toying with the idea of eliminating a few things (or children… kidding) — aka, piano lessons.

And finally, an application finally went in today for a job that we feel very positive about.  It does seem tailor made for us.  Hard to feel like things may actually fall into place, and that God maybe really does have a plan for us.  I hum that song in my head a lot during the day.  I know God does have a plan for us, and sadly it did have to include layoffs.

I’m now just praying they interview soon.  So little to do, so much time.  Name that movie….

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    I can so relate to the giant pile lately. I wish we lived closer. That way I could teach piano to your kids and in exchange you could help my daughter with flute.(It’s one of the things I’m thinking of pushing on to someone else. I just don’t feel very confidant in teaching it, even though I played for all those years)

    Thanks for clearing things up in regard to Drew’s job. It was a question I had. Truly not fair and I hope all goes well with the application!

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