Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming to You From AZ

Just checking in to say that we are here.

Drew and the kids all saw the house this afternoon with glee.  They all love it.  The carpet cleaners are going over tomorrow at 11, and we'll hopefully get the keys tomorrow afternoon.  The work is all going to be finished this AM.  Feel. the. joy.

Then, we signed the loan documents.  That's all done.

Tomrrow I plan to spend much of the day shopping for things we're going to need, maybe get a bank, and of course some pool time.  I need to get my new dishes, as we have basically none. 

Kind of getting excited. :)

But, just kind of.


  1. Now comes the fun part where you fill up a big house with stuff you wanted here but decided not to get so you could pay your mortgage :-)

  2. So excited for you guys! Glad you made it safe.

  3. Yeah! Glad you made it safe, everyone liked the house and you are done with the long car ride.

  4. Yea! Is there a target close by?

  5. Welcome to AZ! So glad you're here! :)


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