Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Again... but not for long....

I am on the plane home from my visit to AZ as I type this. It's been a really great day. I like my realtors. I love the house. It's in a great area with lots of stuff nearby (costco, walmart, even Ikea). The house had its inspection, & even though there, of course, are some issues there's nothing too huge. We feel really strongly this is the house for us. :) For those who want to know it's a 5 bedroom, 3 bath home with almost 2400 square feet. There will be a boys room & a girl room the master for us, & then a craft room & a guest bedroom. They have a really nice & large room in the basement that we will use as a playroom.

The kitchen is fairly large, nothing fancy. There are two pantries (!) And the laundry room is where you come in from the garage.

So,that's the news from AZ. The flight out was crazy bumpy. I let out a few audible gasps, but no hand grabbing. :)

Word on the street we have about a week & a half left in CA, & life goes on...

{God is in charge, don't jump off the plane} - literally!
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  1. i knew that it would all work out.

    so glad!!

  2. Yeah!- for the house

    Boo!- for the bumpy airplane ride

    Love!- for you and your family coming to the promised land of AZ. :)


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