Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Lesson of the Day

I think what I have learned out of all of this.... at least for today.  IS that when you're doing something that makes you unhappy, stop.  Even if that thing is looking for houses, which is a beneficial and necessary thing, but if you're sitting in front of the computer bawling your eyes out it's time to stop, not time to think you'll be able to find others that will work.  Because with tears in your eyes, you won't.

And God doesn't want us to be unhappy.

I cried for hours and hours over house buyers wishing they were the one.

They weren't.

I knew the instant I saw them that THEY were the ones.

I need to remember times that the answers just freely came, not after hours and hours of useless Internet searches.

Also, instead of crying I need to be productive.  I feel SO much better when my jobs are done, and my house is clean and I have happy kids...  Now, to apply said lesson. :) 


  1. So true! Looks like today is brighter already. :D

  2. Hey when the time comes to re-address the house hunt why not give your parameters to your realtor and make them do the work LOL


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