Thursday, June 09, 2011

Status Update

So, the people selling the house are getting an appraisal.  Since stuff is ALL over the place I have no idea what it will be.

A good friend said that God will make miracles in our life, but He will take us right to the edge.

Well, hello edge.  Today is the last day we can do this.  We need to finalize by tonight so it can head to the banks tomorrow.

If it doesn't happen today, we will rent.

Over my dead body.

And who wants my house buried under their rental home?

So, let's all pray for the appraiser. :)

Shall we?

In other news, guess who's brother is amazing.  No newsflash there, but he IS in the news. :)


  1. Not that I want to send any bad vibes your way, or jinx you, but there are definite advantages to renting, especially when you're making such a big move.

    Although overall I'm happy that Denisa and I moved into a house we owned right off, I can also see that we got lucky. Without knowing the area well, you could easily wind up someplace that's not a good fit for you. Once you've lived there a while, you have a better feel for where you *really* want to live.

    Which would you rather--buying two houses in the space of a few years, or renting for a year or so before buying?

    Just sayin'

  2. In my life, the minute I say that I'm on the edge and I can't do this anymore, God takes that opportunity to show me just how much further I can go. I'm not a big fan of this learning lesson, but it's what I keep getting. I REALLY hope that this won't be the case for you. Good luck!

  3. I say, throw out the schedule and do something fun for the day to take your mind off things!


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