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I think I’ve posted a lot of pictures of the house already, but I wanted to get some of it in its “Done” phase… please don’t think I’m bragging over what a great house this is. It is, but for anyone who was at our OLD house and sees THIS house, you know that we are both making SIGNIFICANT pay decreases we are really livin’ it up here in the hot southwest. :)  I think I complained ENOUGH on this blog about how things were never going to work out.  And these photos prove it has.  I’m a whiner.  Enough said.
I just realized it’s 1 month tomorrow since we moved in.  1 month today that our other house closed.  Amazing how time flies (and also goes insanely slow, I can’t believe it’s only been a month!).
First off, I started downstairs.  This is the office/craft room.  Here’s my little thank you/loving note wall.  It makes me smile every time I see it…
There’s a sewing cabinet, and my machine and a craft table, and all our office stuff is in there too.   

One of the doctors at O’Connor gave me this cool little picture, which I framed.  It will always remind me of all the amazing nurses that helped mold me there in San Jose

And of course, our mother load of storage.  Including scrap booking.  Think I’ll ever pick up that hobby again?

And for my mother’s viewing pleasure, the guest room.  I’m hoping to get on this this weekend.  Currently it is where boxes go to die.  Goodwill will hopefully be providing a bit of furniture for our future house guests (will it be you?)

Here’s the playroom.  Lots of room for play.

And somehow we’re taking a back trip to the guest bathroom.  I love how I Could use almost any color of towels with that shower curtain.  That is nice, because we have almost any color of towel.  Thanks to many towels at our wedding reception 14 years ago.

And, back to the playroom.  Here’s our amazing storage.  The kids love having the computer down there too.  This was a GREAT investment.  I switched a few toys yesterday and boy oh BOY was it easier then hauling them out from the garage (I just brought them down from lower cabinets).  Do you like our red garbage can?  I thought it’d stand out like a fire alarm — PUT GARBAGE IN HERE… NOW.  YOU.  Yes, YOU

And a final shot of the playroom.  I just can’t say enough good things about how great having a room downstairs for all them young’uns is!

Here’s the living room.  I have to say I feel very grown up when I look at it.  We have come a long way from our blue velvet couch.

And the other side of the living room.  I LOVE the top of my shelves.  I like those little display nooks.  Or, “pot shelves” as real estate likes to call it here.  Can you grow pot on shelves?  I guess you can in AZ! :)  I, instead chose to put up some sayings, and a nice clock I got on clearance at the ol’ hobby lobby.  Two clocks on one wall, you say?  I love the little motif of our wedding picture, and our certificate and the temple and the clock.  It reminds me this marriage is forever, so forgive the fact that he can’t figure out his schedule today.  Ok?  And the other clock was just a great deal.  I love clocks, I love to be in time. :)

The kitchen…. less clean then the other rooms…  I have some pot shelves here too.  I kind of want to do colored bottles between the kitchen and the dining area….

More kitchen (even though our fridge doesn’t really “match” I am sure glad we have it in here!  Does anyone know a blog who does useless top of cupboard space look amazing?

Here’s where I am typing this blog as we speak. :)   This is supposed to be the dining area.  It may turn into that at some point, but for now we had nothing to do with it.  We only have one VERY ugly table. :)

Our entry.  I love our little light.  You can see my tile that’s the color of dirt (which I love).

Oh,and we’re back to the kitchen.  Just wanted to show we’re getting fully stocked again.  I think it’s time to reign in the grocery budget.

In the photo above, if you look to the right, that’s our laundry room.  That’s right, it’s not in the garage (AND I Couldn’t be HAPPIER about that!)  Laundry room below:  Does anyone know how much I love storage?  Because I love it.  A lot.
And I’d like to welcome you to our WALK IN CLOSET.  I had to vacuum it the other day, and it made me giggle.  We still have plenty of storage in there, and I even bought a clothes steamer that i LOVE. :)

Oh,and back down the stairs.  All this walking is making me tired. If you look to the left, you can see the sweet photo frame all our CA friends gave us.  Love you guys!

And here we are in P’s room…. We’re making her nervous just being here, check out that thumb suckin’ action…. 

And back to my room, and my bathroom, although it looks like P wants to take it over.

Here’s the kids bathroom.  Those rugs can NEVER stay in place.  I may hot glue them down.  And I may not. :)

And back to my room, here’s our new king sized bed.  I don’t adore our bedspread, but it’s nice and light and it’ll do until Ross shows me something else. :)

Here’s the boy’s room.  It has a lot of stuff in there, but they have a lot of storage and a place for everything.  Shockingly, every thing’s not exactly in it’s place…. who do I speak to about that? 

Here’s the other wall… I’m happy they have a desk in there, because there’s going to be some serious homework this year.

So, that completes my photo tour.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I kept meaning to get some pictures out.  Now that my camera has made it out of hiding, hopefully we can have some more nice photo Fridays together.  Time to build lots of new memories.

Here in the hot, hot sun.

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    I’m so glad you survived your move and now everything looks grand! Enjoy the sunshine…we don’t get much of that here in the Northwest!

  2. says

    What a fantastic house, Hillary! I am jealous of all of your storage. I love to be organized and my dream house is filled with cubbies/cabinets & drawers. So glad that AZ life is good!!

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    Beautiful house – I LOVE it!! And you’ve settled in so fast and made it home – proud of you!! It’s going to be a great family home and full of great memories :)

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