Photo Friday: Potty cute.

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Get it, potty cute.  Pretty cute.

Potty funny. 😀

Anywho… I did go into work last night, and I may have re-gained a couple of brain cells.  Time will tell.

These photos pretty well tell my week.

First off, guess who got piggies this morning.  That’s right, she’s almost 2.5 years old and this is the first time this child has gotten some adorable pigtails.  She’s already ripped one out, I doubt I’ll do it again any time soon, but she sure is cute!

And a front view, of course.

I’ll often find P like this.  She loves to turn up the metranome as fast as it will go and jam out to her tunes.  I love the undies.  I think they add a nice touch (AND tell a lot about our week). 

Wait, I hadn’t seen it before, but check out how expressive her adorable piggie toes are.  I love little kid feet, they often tell the story.
So, our new goal is to try to use the “big” potty with very little luck.  I see myself confined to home for the rest of my life.  I guess I could get some of those fold up potty seats, but she’s a big girl, she should be able to go… {sigh}  Tips on toilets?
Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Get the folding portable potty seat. She will be too small for several more years to pull off a sanitary “squat” and not all bathrooms are stocked with paper liners. Imagine your dismay when her little buns dip into public toilet water. It happens to the best of them at home. At Target, or the park it’s way WAY worse! Plus when they are worried about falling in, they hold on to the sides of the toilet, and in even cleanest public bathrooms, you don’t want her little paws gripping the sides of the bowl. That’s just gross.

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