Monday, September 19, 2011

Miracle Monday

The only miracle is that I made it through last week. :)

Sometimes you have to take what you can get.  Also, my patients on Saturday were SO insane it did make me very grateful for my own life.

It takes a lot to shock me anymore.

They worked their magic. :)

Anyway, it's another week around here, and I'm not working the weekend so I feel like maybe I can make it through.  I'm also really trying to focus on getting into a routine here.

I need to focus on some things that I really like to do.  I like to be crafty, and I like designing things.  I just need to do something that makes ME happy each day.

So, some things I'm hoping to add to my plate this week:

  • I have some adorable bows to make Miss P, and her hair is getting longer and it'd be fun to put something in it.  I got these cute buttons I'm going to make into clips.
  • I would like to scrapbook up through 2010.  I think starting with 2011 I plan to do digital books.  Scrapbooks have a place, but as the kids are getting bigger, it's time to make the transition.  Plus, it'll be easy to make a copy for the grandparents.  Anyone have a digital book service they like (and is well-priced).
  • I still have a bunch of fabric to make some cute bags out of.  I love a bag.  I also enjoy sewing.  Not a huge fan of cutting out, but I do like seeing how the little stitches can make a big thing.  It is a bit of a miracle.
  • I'd like to take at least one picture every day.  I know, it sounds sad that I NEVER have the good camera out, but I love documenting what's going on.  I need to be better about it.
  • I was going to make square foot garden boxes, but I've decided that's too expensive for us right now, and we'd have to fill them with soil anyway.  SO, I'm going to just use the plot of land we were going to use and just amend the soil to make it more willing to have plants in it.  I need to do another post on this, but I also need to do some research about what grows when here.  Stupid new climate. :)
  • I would also like to set up a playdate every week.  Just some time to see another adult.  I like adults, they tend to not whine as much and speak in terms that I can almost always understand.

Anyway, just wanting to put something fun on my plate every day.  The dessert of life, if you will.  What do you do that you enjoy?


  1. If I remember right, we had great success with lettuce and spinach in the fall and early winter. Also onions.

  2. Check out which is a chart of what grows when. It is a little off, though. Whatever it says to plant in July/Aug is crap, you can plant that stuff now. Now is good to plant beans (bush or pole), peas, all types of greens, and root vegetables. Just no tomatoes or squash, those grow better in the spring here.


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