36 Random Things about me.

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Well, happy birthday to me!  I got up early to balance the checkbook.  Well, there’s #1.

1.  I sort of like to balance my checkbook.  I do it every week, on Saturday mornings.
2.  I like to make a scorpion sliding scale for my husband, kind of like diabetes.
3.  I was addicted to my bottle when I was little.
4.  We used to grow mushrooms in our basement, when I was little (not on purpose).
5.  My kindergarten teacher was murdered (and not by mushrooms)
6.  My wildest dream when I was 6 was to be a jump roper in the 1st grade circus.  Didn’t happen.
7.  I should probably run a sprinkler business
8.  I like Teen Mom
9.  I like 16 and pregnant
10.  I watched Desperate Housewives
11.  I loved the Real World when I was in HS, I didn’t watch it daily, but when they had a marthon I was entrhalled.  Don’t get me started on the season where the BYU girl was on it.
12.  I wish I was friends with the sister wives.  But not “that” kind of friend.
13.  I am starting to lose my taste for America’s Next Top Model….
14.  I love reality TV, and I’m not really ashamed of it, but I sometimes wonder WHY I love it.  I mean, I love ALL TYPES of reality TV (the random shows more then the competition type ones).  I guess I just like a view of other people’s lives.
15.  I sometimes wonder if my life would make a good reality TV show.
16.  Right after I got baptized my family left for Disneyland.  Every kid should get that.
17.  I wanted to be the bad girl in young women’s.
18.  When I turned 18 my mom got me 18 presents, it was super cool.
19.  I have a love/hate relationship with naps.
20.  I am currently watching a show about jockeys from Animal planet.  It is in no way skanky, but I’m still way interetsed in it.
21.  I get a rush when I hear the themesong to Downton Abby
22.  I’m not sure if I’d rather have been lady Mary or the cute blonde housekeeper.
23.  I love Disneyland more then my kids, I think.  Something like that is hard to measure.
24.  I wanted to be done having kids before I was 30.  I didn’t make it.
25.  I am not sure I’ll make it off this continent without having a sedative.
26.  I love teaching new parents.
27.  I have super skinny arms, at least past my elbow.
28.  I secretly like it when Jillian yells at me during a workout.
29.  My bras are so heavily padded it’s embarassing.
30.  I love it when Princess P makes me food at her “kitchen”
31.  A very tiny part of me likes it when Conner is argumentative, makes me hope he can stand up for himself one day.  The rest of me hates it.
32.  I wish I could act like Spencer,where the tiniest hindrence in my way is enough to make my day spill out into awfulness.
33.  I forget that we live pretty-well sans earthquakes here.  I am still way to earthquake knowledgeable.
34.  I hate weeds.
35.  I love looking at my garden.  Reminds me of all of my blessings that grow when I nuture them too.
36.  I love doughnuts.

Wow, sadly that was much less difficult then I thought it would be.  I am sure this will be good stuff 10 years from now when I go read my blog books, which I do every now and then.  :)

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    Murdered??? Who was your kindergarten teacher? I, too, wanted to be a jump roper! I think I ended up being a monkey and on the balance beams (I had a big hole in my tights)! Do you remember the funky/groovy jump roper song?

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