The High of High School

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I bet you’re wondering if I remember my high school fight song. Sure, I played it countless times in the band. But do i? No. I think I can find it online though, so does it REALLY matter? :)

High school was fairly great. It was a good prep for college (which, as you will find out tomorrow was PRETTY darn amazing!).

1. I as obviously highly committed to band. I was the flute section leader for a couple of years as well as a drum major. Honestly, we did a TON of work. We didn’t have boosters and he put the band council in charge of almost everything. I remember preparing lunch and doing fundraisers, all on our own. I jut found out this band director is leaving the school. I have mixed feelings about him, which mix even more as I watch my own husband.

2. My favorite class and teacher was AP calculus. Do I remember a DANG thing I learned in that class? Well, no. I fear Conner and how high he will proceed up the math ladder. I’m already having issues with his “order of procedure” problems right now. But this teacher made us think and when we figured it out she doled out high praise. I had a lot of very smart and thoughtful friends in that class. The teacher even came on band tour since her daughter was in band and she thought she could tutor us on breaks. I don’t think I realized she was my favorite teacher at the time, but in retrospect it was a huge life lesson that things don’t come easy. {waiving hello to Mrs Walters}

3. My other favorite class as physiology. Our teacher was a nurse. She was thoughtful and treated us as equals. I think half of the class left wanting to become nurses, and a fair number made it through that grueling process. I decided what I wanted to be when I was a jr in high school. I still am fascinated by the human body and how processes work. I lost a lot of that love in college as grades became far too important, but my teacher (blanking on the name) made it all so amazing. She also brought it back to US and how we needed to treat our bodies. Loved her.

4. I remember I had drivers ed at like 5 am before marching band one summer. I walked there, somehow made it through 2 hours of that and then marched around for days on end. What on earth was I thinking? I’m pretty sure you couldn’t pay me to do either of these things now!

5. I did an internship at the local hospital ER. It was a reminder to be nice to everyone. Some nurses were great enough to haul me in a room when they had something “cool”. I hope I’m like them. I love students and I always want to show them the interesting things I find.

6. As I’m typing this I think a few too many memories revolved around band. I kind of wish I’d gotten out of that more. But I also did symphony (Mr Hill once told me that if I was deaf not to play, and he may or may not have chucked a baton at me at one point), and I LOVED pit orchestra. I wish I could play in a pitt orchestra full time.

7. We had a dance a month, and I don’t think I got asked to more then 2 of the “boys ask” dances. I went to ever girl dance. It bothered me, but not a ton. I remember wishing someone would ask me. Dating in high school wasn’t my scene. That changed in college. Thankfully.

That’s all I can really recall. I know a fair number of my readers went to my high school. Am I missing something?

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    Fight on you Thunderbirds wherever you may be
    Fight on you Thunderbirds, fight on to victory
    Battle to win the glory, honor your name
    Courage will tell the story bringing you fame
    Fight on you Thunderbirds, who wear the orange and white
    Higher and higher you’ll fly…

    That’s about all I remember. Mrs. Walters was my favorite math teacher as well. She ended up teaching my husband when he was getting his math degree! I was just thinking about Denise Abbott’s physiology class: one of the most useful courses I ever had.

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