The Full Monty

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Ok, no Monty here, but I do find it to be a catchy title.  No?

Since I love Halloween so much I thought I’d share my pictures today too.  And I just happened to get them edited (within the same week I TOOK them, insane, no?).  Without further adieu (which, btw — what the heck does that mean?  Without further goodbyes?  Am I saying it wrong… is this my cold talking?)

I just can’t really “take a picture” of how this girl was transformed in her cat costume.  Needless to say she felt fi-yi-yine in it.  What a cutie.  Did I mention I wish I looked that good in a unitard (but instead I am GRATEFUL that I have a little girl that does). :)

Here’s the whole family.  Did you notice everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.  I don’t believe in coincidences, this is obviously a miracle.  I wonder if you can dislocate your hip by throwing it out too far…?  That girl.

A pretty sweet action pose…

But I bet you wanted a closer peek of how sweet I am looking.  Trouble beware.

And yet another sweet action pose.  Not sure how Spencer is going to help catch crooks with his tongue, but I digress…  Maybe this should be entitled “elbow pose” —  luckily we all have some pretty sharp ones.

Somone wore his costume to school.  He’s just so cool. :)

And the dynamic duo needed a shot together.  I really like this picture.

The green lantern NEEDED a jumping shot.

And then he wanted to learn how to take jump shots on his own while in manual with separate focus.  I just wanted to say YAY, HALLOWEEN IS OVER!!!!

** Footnote:  I really like having full family costumes with a theme.  I really hope that it’s something my kids remember and I think they really enjoy them right now.  I will mention these particular cotumes, at least those that are “homemade” (Robin, Batman and Wonderwoman) were all made before I had 3 kids.  Honestly, if I was doing them again I think I would die.  BUT there are less labor intensive ways to do them, and I do recommend, if it’s something you think you can add to your plate. :)
Also, if you’re interested in what we’ve done other years:
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  1. says

    That girl is pretty dang cute with her wee hip sticking out. Great job on the costumes. I channeled you (in the last possible ten minutes before my kids had to have costumes) and broke out my sewing machine. Just imagine they were awesome.

  2. Irene says

    Loved the costumes, and I do think your kids will fondly remember all the Halloween family theme costumes. BTW it is “ado” which means fuss or concern, or time-wasting bother over trivial details (thank you M-W dict). Same for “much ado about nothing.” …just pleasin my English teacher grandpa with some sharin. :)

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