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So, Conner had a check-up this morning, everything went well and I needed to go to the grocery store. So, I stopped by the Safeway on Homestead by the Library (take note my Santa Clara friends). I HATE THIS STORE, I always HATE this store, but sadly, when it’s “on my way” I just think it will get better (and it doesn’t). So, I go through my grocery trip with my 2 kids and my list of what’s on sale. Of course, they’re out of several of their sale items, even though it’s only the first day of the sale. I’m used to this though, because they are rarely stocked with the sale items (I find them akin to K-mart). But, I finish my trip and I’m ready to check out. I pile all my groceries on the belt, feeling the relief that only can be felt by the “finish line” at the grocery store with 2 kids and I’m talking to the lady behind me who’s in my church. Then, the checker says, “is that your stuff?” I’m like “yeah” and he says “this is the express line” (and looks at me like I’m a few chromosomes short). He also looks like I really need to leave that line. I said that I was sorry, that I didn’t notice (and btw, this wasn’t my usual GIANT trip to the grocery store, I probably had 20-30 items, most of which were yogurt or lunchables). And he continues to look at me and then I figure I need to leave that line. SO, I re-pack my stuff in the cart. The whole time Conner’s saying, “what are you doing? WHY ARE WE NOT BUYING OUR LUNCHABLES!!!!” and then the checker, half-heartedly says, “you don’t have to.” But, between us, I knew I did. The lady that goes to my church that was behind me thought the whole thing was insane. And, did I mention I have two kids with me — one who’s basically in scream mode by this point. So, I go to the other line (because they only have 2 open at 10 am). And I’m waiting, and trying to find fruit snacks in my bag. I re-load the belt with my groceries and wanted to double-check the price of the feta cheese, which wasn’t marked and then I wanted a rain check on the Lunchables, beaus they were out of the pepperoni ones (I know this becuase I totally scrapped the CRAP out of my arm trying to get the last one in the very back). The checker tells me he can’t give me a rain check because it’s only the beginning of the sale. By this point I’m ready to hop over the checkstand and… well, I won’t get into that, but apparently something in my eyes said that HE WOULD give me a raincheck, so he begrudgingly did (and btw am I wrong here? Aren’t they supposed to give rain checks during any point of the sale?). Someone behind me asked that he get another checker and he says, “Ma’m, did you just hear my last page, I have CALLED for one” (completely rude). OK, now my little views of the SANTA CLARA SAFEWAY on Homestead by the Library (between San Tomas and Kiely) may be a tad screwed, but am I there as a FAVOR to them? I didn’t know that I handed-over 40 dollars of my hard-earned cash to be treated like I am one chromosome short. I hope that I am never like this at work. I take my job so seriously, and I truly try to provide the best service possible. I know that sometimes people aren’t happy with my assessments and the news the doctor brings (like, you’re not in labor and you need to go hom until you are) but I hope that I deliver these thoughts with respect and kindness. Hopefully this little venture to the store will teach me something (besides not to shop at Safeway, and most particularly this Safeway anymore). Because, this particular store, obviously isn’t changing.
P.S. I wanted to mention that I think it’s rude to get in the express line, and I shoudl have checked. BUt, sadly, I’ve made this mistake before (because I often have 2 kids with me at the store) adn they’ve always just reminded me as I’m checking out. I still feel like fool, but I’m not on the verge of tears.

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    Man…that’s how the Wal Mart that’s closest to me is. I’d rather go to the one that’s farther. Totally rude. Sorry your day began so very wonderfully…

  2. says

    Who are these strange peoople leaving comments on your blog? Of course, you may be wondering that about me. I just had to say, I was SOOOO irritated FOR you, reading this. Unfortunately, this situation sounds all too familiar to me – and isn’t it always when the kids are in the process of meltdown! And yep, rainchecks are for any time the sale item is out.

  3. says

    Aw man – sorry that happened to you! Sometimes people need to give other people like Moms depserately trying to get out of the store before there is a meltdown some slack. NEVER got back there again!

  4. Anonymous says

    So, Hilary, did you get all of that off your chest? And out of your mind? Hope so. Writing things down like that help a lot.
    Now you just have to remember not to waste your time at that particular store. And by now at least half of Santa Clara must know about your blog. What good advertising for Safeway.

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