Even the dryer needs to vent…

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Ok, so we all know I love my husband, and I know we ALL love our husbands but SOME DAYS, you just want to BOOT THEM OUT THE DOOR. Am I right here ladies? I’m just bothered today, and I needed to vent. Just some rules for husbands out there to follow:
1. Your space needs to be as clean as “my” space and your “Space” should NEVER encroach on my “space”. Drew has his wall, and I’ll admit that I have 2 walls, but I have scrapbooking, and I have sewing, and it’s not like I’m sewing stuff for myself — most of it involves Halloween costumes and patching jeans for the Little mister. And, did I mention I’m HERE more often, and he has an OFFICE at SCHOOL? It drives me INSANE when his stuff is on my cabinet. I know… move on, but sometimes you just can’t.
2. NEVER read the newspaper while your wife is working. Just don’t do it. That’s why God gave us sundays. I can scrap, you can read. Period. NOT Monday Mornings.
3. Cleaning is love. That’s it — if you were to totally clean a space, I would be SO MADLY DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, I don’t know what would happen, but we would definately need protection. :) And that’s all i have to say about that. Now, back to our regularly scheduled “I love my husband” blog.

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    Why don’t husbands understand #3? Why, oh why? Yes, my husband will go and do a bunch of cleaning, but it, a month later I ask him to clean something….I already cleaned up the whole house!! huh?

  2. says

    Hee hee – so funny. Read these blogs out of synch but glad to say he took some of it to heart and cleaned. Enjoy it while it lasts (the clean house I mean).

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