Monday, September 12, 2005

How do you know when you NEED Prozac?

Ok, seriously. This blatant dis-regard of my "rules" around here is driving me nuts. Playdough on the new chair, jumping on the couch, telling me how much he s me... I can NOT TAKE IT. I know that this is a new phase in his life... but today I was trying SO HARD. Fun jar activities as a reward (it's something we do together) but then he just stopped doing anything worthy of reward.
Of course, Drew telling me that I let him watch too much TV (that's right folks ONE hour -- Mr. Rogers and Zaboomafoo) was basically the icing on the cake but I feel like I'm in a darkness I'm unable to crawl out of. I guess I'll give it a few more days. If it's a phase that's gonna be over soon... I sure hope so...

1 comment:

  1. :(

    Hope things improve soon...we have some major battles with Jake - can't imagine how things will escalate as he gets older!


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